Haich - Sustainable Service, Satisfaction Guarantee

Business Philosophy
  Serve Continually, Persist in Quality and Guarantee on Satisfaction” are always our competitive strategies to challenge this world market, Haich understand that we have to innovate and improve our products constantly to make the best benefit for our respectable customers.
  Due to every industry all need precise equipment to test, analyst and adjustment during manufacture or detection, especially while testing temperature, humidity, pressure or any other elements, a good quality equipment is essential with no doubt.

  Haich has ambitious responsibility, we are pleasure to serve any customers from any industry with our passion and profession.


2002 Enter into reliability testing equipment market

Develop tester for tiny components

Provide environment testing room

Provide accelerated life testing equipment for panel

2005 Develop LED test equipment series
2006 Develop pharmaceutical test equipment series
2007 Develop more LED test equipment series with LED facilities
2010 Develop accelerated life testing for cloud industry
2011 Develop lithium battery equipment with green energy industry
Provide lithium battery detection service and equipment
2015 Start Haich Technology CO.,LTD.
2015 Continue to serve and innovating more equipment for our customers

Market service

  Haich dive into this reliability testing field with practical experience for years, specialize in develop and manufacture tester including vibration, shock, environment testing, noise prevention, etc.

  Haich also gain lots of trust and support from many great domestic and foreign enterprises because of our excellent technology and thoughtful service.

Main Products

1.Temperature & Humidity Chamber

2.Burn in System / Aging Test System

3.Burn in System / Aging Test System

4.Air To Air Thermal Shock Test Chamber


6.Walk In Room

7.LED Tester

8.Hot Wind Circulation

9.Vacuum Oven


   For the next decade, “Take hold in Taiwan, distribute to the world” will be our primary goal, we will provide better products and better service for you and grow constantly together with our customers.