Vacuum Oven

It is suitable for vacuum drying, deaeration and other tests of industrial electronic products and glues.

Temperature Range : RT+25℃~180℃
Vacuum degree: up to 60Pa or less (according to vacuum pump vacuum degree)
Capacity : 27L、64L or Customized
Optional: vacuum stirring device, nitrogen filling, fixed value or program control

Salt Spray Tester

Salt spray test, corrosion test.

Salt spray test : 35ºC±1ºC 、47ºC±1ºC
corrosion test : 50ºC±1ºC 、63ºC±1ºC
Capacity : 108L、 270L、 600L、 480L、 1000L

Highly Accelerated Stress Tester

Saturated steam temperature control and saturated steam pressure detection, automatic pressure safety door latch control device, can be expanded to record temperature and pressure, widely used in general packaging, destructive vapor pressure test of film components.

Humidity Range:100%RH
Pressure : 1.04kg
Capacity : 23L、170L

Altitude Temperature Chamber

It is suitable for the temperature and height simulation test of electronic parts, auto parts and components and the use of transportation storage.

Temperature Range : -40℃~100℃
Height : Sea level ~ 70,000 feet
Capacity: 288L、800L or Customized