Walk In Type Chamber

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Haich is a Walk In Type Chamber manufacturer. We have the practical experience for many years and have won the trust and support of many Remarkable companies in Taiwan and abroad. The main products are temperature and humidity chamber, burn in roomhighly accelerated stress testerthermal shock chamber, walk in chamber, laser tester and vacuum oven.



It is applicable to test specifications for servers, electronic parts, microcomputer motherboards, computer peripheral products, home appliances, auto parts and pressure test.

Temperature Range:RT+10 ℃ ~ 80℃
Optional: recorder, PC monitoring system, test trolley, socket


It is suitable for the research and development of electronic parts, auto parts, packaged products, aerospace industry, related products and the test specification of quality management engineering.

Temperature Range:-40℃ ~80℃
Humidity Range:30%~95% R.H
Optional: recorder, PC monitoring system